George Johnston: May 19th

I left Santiago de Compostela a little later than planned.  It was chilly with occasional light sprinkles but not significant rain.  I discover in the city the day before that my route overlapped much with the Camino de Santiago, a walking pilgrimage from Portugal to Santiago.  The route was shorter than the highways, but much of it wasn’t paved and it had many ups and downs, so it went slower than I expected. 

I encounters dozens of  hikers and most of the guests at my hostel were. It passed through lots of pretty rural scenery, but villages weren’t far apart and there were lots of restaurants and hotels catering to the hikers.  I had picked two potential destinations for the day, Tui near the Portuguese border, 110 km, and Redondela, 88 km on a large lake like inlet from the sea.  I reached Redonela around 7:30 pm and that was enough for the day.  The Alburgue Vila Vella is quite nice with good ratings from Trip Adviser, 12 four bed dorms, and fortunately had space available.  I got a dorm to my self.  Since they day was harder than I expected yesterday I’m taking another rest day. 

Last summer on my Athens trip I took only one rest day in  eleven with similar difficulty, but I was in better shape and was more careful about eating well and staying hydrated on the road. They serve breakfast and snacks to passing hikers as well as guests,  so it’s busy this Sunday.  Most of the town businesses are closed.  I stocked up at a nearby grocery last night so I’m well provisioned. 

I’m about two slightly shorter rides from Porto, so I should get there Tuesday night.  Pictures from Bordeaux and Santiago with the cathedral in the background.

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