School Complete

Posted by volunteer Ji Yoon

I finished school one Friday I  passed the second test with 65% which could have been better or worse.  My five classmates from universities in China were all nearly perfect on the test.  The grammar rules are my weak points and that’s most of what the tests cover.  I’m a little better at verbal communication than most, since I’ve had much more practice at that.  We closed the school session with a Friday night party where everyone dressed in black and white.  I didn’t have a white shirt with me, so I bought a white Debrecen University Sports Club shirt with black emblems.  I did have black sock and biking pants.


This morning I got an early state with breakfast at 7:30.  I was on the bike to station at about 8:15 and caught the first of four trains at 9:10.  I had planned to leave at 10:10, but since I went earlier I had extra time to make my first connection, in Cegled.  I got an intercity train from there to Kecskemet, but it was running 15 minutes late and I had only 12 minutes scheduled to make the next connection.  Fortunately that train delayed it’s departure so we could make the connection to Kiskunhalas.  It made up most of the time an it was an easy transfer to the final train to Kelebia on the Serbian border.  I unpacked the bike and rode about 13 miles across the border an on to Subotica.  There was quite a line of cars at the border, but they let bicycles go to the front of the line so I got through quickly.  I arranged a room through  It is a large beautiful apartment off of an enclosed courtyard. There is a well equipped kitchen and bath.  I think I would rate it as the best of the summer.  The woman who runs it is a native speaker of Hungarian, who speaks Serbian primarily except with her friends and family. She is also fluent in English and generally uses it for tourists who aren’t natives speakers of Hungarian or Serbian.  The apartment is just across a park from the railway station and around a corner from the city center pedestrian area.


I’ll be off to Belgrade in the morning and on an overnight train to Skopje in the evening.




George Johnston

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