Review of Hostel Alessandro, Downtown Rome By Jim Coppens Submitted by Tia Rose

Hostel Alesandro, Downtown Rome (HADR), is so convenient to transportation, it is not believable.  It is a 5 minute walk from the major train station in Rome, which is also the hub for the Metro and Bus system.  From there you can get to anywhere in Rome.

The staff is very friendly and helpful.  Manager Ovens Telv has a Filipino staff (Filmer, PJ, Jerry, Elmer, Alex, and Allan) that are all fluent in Italian and English.

It also has plenty of places to eat nearby.  Based on PJ recommendation (staff member at HADR) We ate at Acqua & Farina around the corner (pizza for 2, plus 1 drink to split, 6E).

The hostel is old, but very clean and well maintained.  Spotless tile floors all over.  Wife and I stayed in an 8 bed co-ed dorm room, approx 300E for 5 nights for 2.  The only problem was shower access in the morn, so wife and I always took our showers at night.

Free computers and wifi access.

Breakfast not included, 4E per person, and there is no kitchen access in the morn to fix your own meals.  Thess and I purchased bread and cheese at local grocery and ate that in the morn.  You have kitchen access for lunch and dinner. On Mon, wed and Fri eve, they have a free social event, Sangria and snacks, where you get to meet your fellow hostellers.

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