Coming back from New York Hostel Trip 2017


I clicked on the link given and seeing the hostel triggered some memories staying there. Antonio and I stayed there and the interactions were typical New Yorker. Being situated a very short distance from Central Park what could be more convenient. Until… After checking in the early afternoon and getting settled we were going to walk to the park. This was around 3. PM. I mean still light etc. Was met with a collective gasp of horror. ‘it’s too dangerous this late in the afternoon!’ . While I had been to NYC a number of times and stayed in upscale hotels for that era, I wasn’t the least worried about going most places in the City including the Playboy Club (gasp) hotel. Having been born and raised until the age of 7in Westchester county, I had no qualms. Obviously, there were sections one avoided.. of course, that feeling of safety had gone down the sewer by the time of the hostel stay.
The price considered high then and now for what one gets is cheap compared to non-fleabag hotels.

Sounds like part of a book.

Looking forward to staying there again in April. Am really glad I am feeling better as I was having some doubts about even making it at Christmas.
Your pal

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