Conversation Cafe, by Tom Lager 2009
Submitted by Vijay Reddy

The Conversation Cafe organized and functioning in Orlando, Florida for over a year is a one to two hour meeting about travel.

It is basically a session of "Show and Tell" and anyone with travel stories, videos, slide shows, photographs, etc can volunteer to be the subject leader for each get together. 

Open to the public and held in a major book store with easy access. Held at a set time\~on a certain day and week of the month. (Orlando - the last Wednesday of every month). It is advertised by word of mouth, notices by email and in the local newspaper (if offered). 

It is an educational experience covering places, peoples and cultures anywhere in the world. Promoting fellowship, better understanding\and generating conversation; questions, answers and discussion among the participants. Participants seeing how easy it is, volunteer\to be\upcoming subject leaders. In the case of no one volunteering, the organizers jump in to lead the next get together. 

Conversation Cafe has enjoyed success in bringing people together\~through travel and promoting Hostelling International.

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