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Tour of Hindu Temple
by Rod Hitt
Submitted by Chuck Gooley


On Saturday, August 26, 2017 a group of twelve members of the Central Florida Friends of Hostelling participated in a tour of the Hindu Temple of Casselberry, Florida, a temple associated with the Hindu Society of Central Florida.

The tour was organized by our own member Dino Balani and his father, Kishori Balani, and
was conducted by the lovely Sindu Babu, a representative of the temple. Our members were treated to a very
informative exposition of Hindu traditions, customs and beliefs.

Upon entering the beautiful temple, we were aware of the pleasant aroma of incense in the air, and our attention was drawn to the many, various representations of dieties on display, all beautifully carved by expert craftsmen and stonemasons imported from India for that purpose. Our tour guide, Sindu Babu, who was attired in traditional Indian clothing, was meticulous in her explanations of Hindu beliefs and traditions. In addition to the more familiar dieties of Krishna and Vishnu, we learned of others such as Ganesha, the remover of obstacles to a fruitful life, and of Sri Rama Parivar who set the example for life for all mankind as a good husband, father and brother.

We also learned of the four overriding goals of Hinduism, those of righteousness (ethics), prosperity, desire, and of the eternal. While many Hindus see each of it’s gods and goddesses as separate beings, others view them
as manifestations of a single diety. In any event, Hinduism is very tolerant of a broad range of belief
systems and we felt more than welcome as their guests in this special place.

Following the tour, our group was treated to a delicious meal of traditional Indian cuisine at a local Indian restaurant, courtesy of our host, Dino Balani.

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