George Johnston: September 5th – Turkey

Biked over 50 miles for the first time since August 9. Need to start getting back into top condition. Fortunately it was a lovely flat ride along the Black Sea Coast from Georgia. Found a great hotel for under $20 in a small town along the way at sunset. It had three tour groups and few individual travelers. Breakfast included and a big buffet diner for another $6. Everything is clean, new, and working well in the hotel. Listens to my Pimsleur Turkish course a lot on the iPod in the last few days to refresh my Turkish. Not much English spoken in this area.

Country number twenty two for the trip including first time visits to Portugal, Montenegro, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. I don’t expect to visit and more first timers, and only Bulgaria, and Italy that I haven’t visited yet on this trip. Lots of things to see I Turkey, but I haven’t decided on a program yet. I plan to bike to Trabzon, a Black Sea port about 60 miles ahead today and bus from there somewhere tomorrow. Expecting some rain today so I may adjust that.

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