George Johnston: May 30th

I’m staying in the best hostel I have ever seen tonight for 20 euros in a six bed dorm. It also has individual and family room and suites. It is the first in a planned chain.

Merida is a city I had never heard of but I had seen it had “Roman ruins.”  Actually there are about a dozen restored Roman facilities.  It’s quite an impressive place  about 100 miles north of Seville.

The hostel kitchen is small, but not too many of the guests are self-catering.  The dorm has a TV with remote, but that could be a blessing or a problem.  They have a locker with key for each bed and each bed has a power outlet, which I have seen several times this year.  I would recommend the city and hostel to anyone with an interest in Roman history.

Two nights ago I was in a hostel near Lisbon that was probably the worst.  It had about twenty beds and two toilets and showers, with several other problems.

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