George Johnston: May 11th – Rennes

After updating my phone I stopped at McDonald’s for a quick breakfast and to use Wifi, my first fast food since Burger King at MacDill before departure.  The route looked ok. Rain was fore cast, but had been most days in England with only drizzles.  The rain picked up and continued all the way to Rennes.  I called the hostel a couple of hours out and they saved the last bed for me.  I have a new pair of Frog tog rain pants that a Tampa bus driver who was also a cyclist recommend and with the frog togs poncho only my feet got thoroughly soaked.  The hostel was the best signed hostel I’ve seen this trip, so I got through the city quickly on marked bike paths and found it easily.  I made a cup of tea and cup of soup with crackers and cookies for a quick supper in the self catering Kitchen of the hostel. My room was jut two beds with a shower, so I spread things out to dry, got a hot shower, and turned in.

I woke early, checked email and possibilities for the day.  I found the Rennes and Nantes hostels were booked.  I had a continental breakfast that didn’t have the hot foods England had, but there was plenty.  I went to the station and got a train to Nantes.  The connections weren’t great, but I got A Flixbus, an international company, to Bordeaux and I’m on it now.  The typing is a bit tricky. The hostel ahead was booked too,but I found a decent hotel for around $50 on Orbitz. There are several options to the Spanish so I’ll decide on that tomorrow.

Best to all.

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