“A long ride and a rest day” by George Johnston, Submitted by HI volunteer Chuck Gooley.


George Johnston is in Kateríni, Greece

I made my first full day ride in Greece from Polykastro to Katerini, 106km (66mi), with lots of hills, but also a couple of long fast downhill runs with a max of 49.7 km/h (30.0 mph), just a little better than my best in Macedonia the day before 46.5 (28.9). I made 293 km (182 mi) in the last three days and didn’t get to a hotel until 9:00 so I am taking a rest day. I learned with biking from Varna, BG to Istanbul that trying to go hard more than three days in a row was too much. I slept in this morning but made it to breakfast at 8:00 and ate about twice as much as normal. I heard a Romanian family talking and said hello, but they were finishing up and we didn’t chat. After I did my laundry and hung it on the balcony. I took a short ride around town for shopping and lunch. Every thing was dry in about two hours with the heat and low humidity.

Toward the end of the day yesterday I saw this airplane and thought flying might have been better and shortly after I got my first view of the sea.  The airplane is a DC-3 that first flew in 1936 and served the military as the C-47.  There are still some flying today according to Wikipedia.
Tomorrow I’m planning to bike along the coast for most of the day so I should have lots of pretty views.


George Johnston

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