George Johnston: August 9th

I am in Odessa, Ukraine today. I arrived yesterday morning after biking all night. After spending two nights in Chisinau, Moldova, I decided to bike through Transnistria to the border, though I had heard negative things about it. Someone on Trip Advisor said you would have lots of problems at their border station if you didn’t speak Russian or Romanian. Since I still remember a little Russian and am good at Romanian I thought I could handle it. It turns out they’ve changed since his review. The passport control officer told me in English to go to the immigration office by him. The lady there asked “Where do you go?” I responded, “Transit Ukraine.” She scanned my passport, and game me slip of paper with my data for the passport officer. I handed it to him and that was it. The city of Tiraspol which cover most of the route was clean and modern with good road, though the sign were all in Cyrillic. I just passed through, but it seemed like a nice place. The hostel in Chisinau ran day excursions there and people seem to enjoy that.
I’m spend the weekend in Odessa and hope to get a ferry to Batumi, Georgia on Wednesday.
I’ll postpone your birthday gift as my banks have some restrictions on transaction from the non-EU countries.
Have a great day!

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