George Johnston: August 14th

After a midnight departure on the ferry from Ukraine, we cruised to Constanta with no Wi-Fi and spent half a day waiting for a tanker ship to come and refuel us. We weren’t even going to Constanta, just there to buy fuel cheap offshore. We then cruised 1,085 km at around 30 km per hour and arrived in Georgia about two this afternoon.

After a slow clearing of customs I biked in to town and found the tourist office and got a map. I checked exchange rates and most offices had good rates for dollars and bad rates for the Ukrainian money, so I changed $40 and went looking for hostels that were on the map. I didn’t find the first couple, but did find an exchange office with good Ukrainian and changed some of that. I then found a good hostel that I had seen on the internet last week an it was nice so I’m in for a couple of days to try to figure Georgia out since I couldn’t do anything on the ferry.

That’s were I am now and need to start my research.

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