First Week

First Week by George Johnston

Posted by volunteer Ji Yoon

I finished the first week with a test on Friday.  I scored better than I expected, but I did study three hours Thursday night.

On Saturday we went on a field trip to Szolnok.  Most of us familiar with it wondered how we would fill a day with activities there, and they were a bit thin.  We spent the morning and had lunch at a beer museum.  It didn’t have any working brewery equipment and the displays were primarily pictures.  The didn’t offer any free samples and didn’t even make much of an effort to sell beer at lunch.  After lunch we did see a pretty good aviation museum,  with planes from WWI to about 10 years ago.  Most common were Russian planes used by Hungary from the 50’s to the 90’s.  We had dinner at a Csarda, a kind of cowboy style restaurant in Hajduszoboszlo where I spent the previous weekend.

Today the university dining hall was closed for lunch and dinner, so we got tickets for meals at restaurants in town.  Lunch was at a mall food court and dinner was at a cafe near the campus which offered a choice of a salads, a hamburger or a pizza. Pizza was the favorite.  Actually a traditional Hungarian soup served at the dining hall Friday night was probably the best dish of the week.  Breakfasts have been consistently good, though, which is the most import for me.

I called the lady with whom I reserved a room in Subotica, Serbia for Saturday night through Booking.Com.  It is just a short ride from the last train station in Hungary on the line to Belgrade.  I found she speaks English and Hungarian as well as Serbian, so communication wasn’t a problem.  From there I’ll get a morning train to Belgrade and try to get a sleeper to Skopje Sunday night.

Cousin Elanor Holley’s granddaughter Alexa Guarachi won her first WTA doubles tournament today in Gstaad Switzeland. After her performance in qualifying for the main draw at Wimbledon I thought she had a good shot at this one.

George Johnston


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