Communicating from a Belgian hostel is frustrating, to put it mildly

Communicating from a Belgian hostel is frustrating, to put it mildly.
By Jim Coppens, submitted by Tia Rose

Our first experience was at Jacques Brel Hostel in Brussels.  They
have non qwerty keyboards!  It was like learning to type all over
again.  They had five computers which is good, but there was no access
to a USB Port which means I have no access to my itinerary or any
information such as contacts, hostel reservations, etc that I always
carry with me.   And the WiFi?  It was only available in the lobby and
there is a password you have to use every time you log in.

We thought it would be better at Maldegem.  For a hostel with 80 beds,
there is only one computer!  And it doesn’t work!  It has the non
qwerty keyboard.  It turns on, but you can’t get to any internet
sites, except for the HI site.   You also can’t use the USB port for
your flash drive. To use your phone or tablet with WiFi, you have to
go to a specific room in the compound, and we are in another building.
Good luck using the systems at Maldegem.

At Brugge, for a 200 bed hostel, only one computer!  Non qwerty again,
and accessing any website except the HI site can’t be done. I was able
to use the USB port here, but you only could use notepad application,
not Excel or Word.  To use your phone or tablet, you had to log in
using a complicated password and re-enter it every few minutes. You
could only access WiFi in the lobby.

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