Travel Tip - Floss It
(Source:  Lonely Planet, Panama, pg 42)
by Jim Coppens
Submitted by volunteer Tia Rose

For the cost of a crummy cigar, you can buy a vacation-saving item.  It´s called dental floss, and its uses are innumerable.  Got a fishhook but no line?  Four words:  Green waxed dental floss.  Need to secure a mosquito net?  Reach for dental Floss.  Forgot to pack a clothesline?  You`re in luck if you`ve packed dental Floss.  Tear in you jeans, rip in your pack?  A little dental floss and a sewing needle and life goes on.

Dental floss comes in 50m and 100m lengths and is sold in nifty little cases complete with built in cutters. It`s cheap, it`s light, it`s strong and it`s outrageously useful.  Some say dental floss can even remove decay causing material from between teeth and under gums.  Now in cinnamon, mint and grape flavors.  No kidding.