Summer School

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Summer School

I have completed three day of the summer Hungarian language school.  I was well placed in a class that is challenging, but not beyond comprehension.  In my class are five university students from China, a student from Munich, a graduate student from Slovakia, and young man from Italy who is the only other male in the class.  He is sort of in and out of universities and I’m not sure of his status now.  Most of the class is taught in Hungarian with some explanations in English.  Everyone is proficient in English except the Italian and he has a moderate understanding.  The Chinese are quite proficient in grammar and have a good Hungarian vocabulary, but I can sometimes add things that have learned from experience that you would not pick up in the classroom.   A couple of the students may be more than 1/3 of my age, but most aren’t.  My next door neighbor in the dorm is an American man of Hungarian descent, a few years older than me.  The school enrollment is around only half of what it was when I was here before.  The are few if any of the Hungarian speaking Romanians.  My teacher is from that background but has had Hungarian citizenship for over twenty years.  I think she is the best of the three teachers I have had here.  One of our assignments is to write a blog in Hungarian about what we have done during the school, but fortunate a few sentences each night will be adequate.  I still doubt if I can remember enough of the fine points of grammar to do well on the final test.


I hope every one is well.


George Johnston

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