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Please see below an important notice regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.



to the Florida Friends of Hostelling webpage! 


We are your point of contact for hostelling in Florida. Please click the hot buttons on the map below for items of interest. Go to chat/info if you want to share your trip experiences, find hostel reviews, etc. Thanks for visiting us.

- Jim Coppens, Chair, Florida Friends of Hostelling

Status of HI-USA Re-opening as of 12 Oct 2020

Source:  HI Vice President Jim Ruedinger, 12 Oct 2020

"...These hostels opened in the last month
Boston, New York, Chicago, San Diego (2), Santa Monica, San Francisco Downtown,
These have opened with a new model of operations as Vacation whole house rental
Pigeon Point, Point Montara,
Closing perm: Monterey, Houston, Madison, Portland,
The others are in different stages of a "hold" status..."

Source:  HI Vice President Jim Ruedinger, 14 March 2020

Dear HI USA Volunteer,
I am writing this important update regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Effective immediately, we are suspending all activities and events for hostel guests and community members. This includes tours and excursions originating in the hostel, community meals, information desk, movie and game nights, welcome receptions, education workshops. This also includes all travel club meetings and community events in any way associated with HI USA. The reason for this suspension, following the most recent directives from the CDC is to limit gatherings as much as possible thus the spread of the virus, preventing potential exposure to volunteers, staff and guests.

As we all know our most valuable resource is and always will be our people -- our employees, our volunteers and our guests.

While this was a very tough decision to make, we hope that you will understand and of course come back to support HI USA as a volunteer in the future.

This suspension of activity will remain in effect until further direction and communication is given by the National office of HIUSA. Please don’t hesitate to ask your volunteer coordinator if you should have questions.

With this email and letter the suspension of activity does include financial support while the suspension is in effect for all travel club activities.

Jim Ruedinger CHA
VP Hostel Support
Hostelling International USA

Florida Map

Jim Coppens at Wurzburg Germany Hostel

Jim Coppens